Choose To Heel “First Steps” Book

Dawn’s original dog training book…Still a best seller…
An innovative and natural way to teach your dog.

Spiral bound workbook,approx.
100 pages.
$4.00 S&H $1.00 for each additional item

Choose To Heel “First Steps” CD or Audio

In audio cassette form –  2 Tape set $24.95
NEW: CD format – 2 disk set $24.95

$4.00 S&H & $1.00 S&H for each additional item


Choose To Heel “Next Steps” Video/DVD

See the Choose To Heel training program in action.
Advancing your Choose to Heel dog training skills.Includes a review of the “First Steps” Approx. 1 hour…$49.95
Please choose VHS or DVD
$4.00 S&H & $1.00 S&H for each additional item

Simply Scenting Book

A different and natural approach to teaching “Scent Discrimination” to your dog. Suitable for utility obedience training.

Spiral bound workbook…approx. 100 pages..$24.95
$4.00 S&H & $1.00 for each additional item.

Simply Scenting Audio

Teaching “Scent Discrimination”..In Audio cassette form.

2 tape set…$24.95


Simply Living Book

Dawn’s unique approach to teaching the basics for “Living with you dog” ..44 page Booklet..$7.95 & $2.00 S&H

All her oun dogs, student’s as well as her “Prison Program” recue dogs begin their training with the material in this booklet.

This book is also used as a hand-out for Dawn’s beginning obedience classes as well as by many other dog training instructors/schools.